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Country of venue: Luxembourg

Date: 13-15 May 2019

Description: From each country a selected number of individuals (top notch; both students and professionals) will be given the opportunity to join the mid-conference in Luxembourg. The students will try to find a ‘best practise solution’, applying the knowledge gained in the previous modules. Teachers will join as well. The participants will discuss a specific problem in “real life cases” (that is an actual problem e.g. by the EU Court of Justice or a problem under review of the Commission) in the field of international transport. This problem may be handed to them by participating stakeholders. These problems will be analysed and resolved. This will result in a paper that will be published. This paper includes best practices and recommendations for policy makers. The solution found must be assessed on its applicability in each participating jurisdiction: does it work in every jurisdiction? Can it be implemented? This paper will be published in a legal journal and legal experts will be invited to reflect on these best practise rules. The paper will also be published on the SENSE website, and submitted to policymakers at regional, national and EU level.

End conference

Country of Venue: The Netherlands.

Date: 14 – 15 August 2019

Description: SENSE: Sharing Overall Outcomes Conference

The SENSE conference will be an international conference. The results of the project itself will be presented and discussed. It will also have a series of dedicated discussions about future collaboration on the agenda.