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The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, The Act on Minimum Wages and Minimum Holiday Allowances contains certain minimum wages and minimum holiday allowances, which are normally adjusted each year. Moreover, in sectors where a universally binding collective agreement applies, posted workers are entitled to the provisions thereof that deal with (amongst others) minimum wages. 

Statutory minimum wage

In the Netherlands, in 2019 the minimum full-time wage is € 1.615,20 per month, € 372,90 per week and € € 74,58 per day for an adult worker. Lower rates are laid down for young workers between the ages of 15 and 22.

Collective Labour Agreement

In the Netherlands, the most important collective labour agreement in the transport sector is the Collective Agreement on Terms and Conditions of Employment for Professional Goods Transport by road and mobile crane rentals. At this moment, most articles in this collective agreement have been declared generally binding. Chapter VIII (article 25 and up) on pay scales and wage calculation provides further information and tools to calculate the wage. 

If you want to access this agreement (available in English, Polish and Dutch) or know more, please visit the union’s website. 

If you want more information about the question when you might be entitled to these wages, you can contact the union here.